When it comes to measuring long distances, digital laser measuring tools are must have tools in your toolbox.

INTRODUCING THE NEW 2-in-1 LTMX2 Laser Tape Measure! Combines a 100ft laser distance measure with a 65ft tape measure. For those that require measurements of extremely long distances. You have that with this new laser tape measure plus short-span precision with th 

The ToolSmart™ Laser Distance Measure measures distances up to 100 feet with the push of a button. This laser distance measure and FREE APP can be used together or separately. With the “My Projects” section of the App, you can calculate the precise amount of materials you need to complete your job. Paint, flooring, and crown are just a few of the materials you’ll be able to calculate.

The 2-in-1 Laser Tape Measure combines a 50ft laser distance measure with a 16ft tape measure. You can quickly and easily get both long distance measurements and short-span precision from the same tool!  

The LDM1 50ft Compact Laser Measure, LDM2 65ft Compact Laser Measure and the LDM3 120ft Compact Laser Measure. These laser measures fit in the palm of your hand. They are the perfect tools for measuring long distances quickly and accurately. With the simple, one button design you'll be able to measure full rooms in seconds. Pick the laser distance measure that fits your needs.