Waterproof Recording Video Inspection Camera/Borescope with 5.5mm Probe


Waterproof Recording Video Inspection Camera/Borescope with 5.5mm Probe

The #DCS665 Waterproof Recording Video Inspection Camera/Borescope with 5.5mm Probe is ideal for plumbing, automotive, HVAC/R and general inspection applications. General’s unique waterproof systems make it possible to inspect water and sewer lines carrying running water without worrying about dropping or dunking your grip or monitor. Other "waterproof" inspection systems lack watertight grips and monitors.


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  • The grip, probe and monitor with 3.5 in. (89mm) diagonal color LCD are guaranteed leakproof to a depth of 1m. All three components will also resist leaks at depths up to 2m for up to 1 hour
  • Includes the 1m long x 5.5mm diameter far-focus #P605-1SR probe, with an IP67 rating and a VGA resolution (640 x 480 pixel) camera lit by four adjustable-brightness LEDs. Longer, thicker, articulating, close-focus and pipe and duct probes are available
  • The monitor records VGA resolution video clips and saves still photos to a MicroSD memory card (a 4GB card is included)
  • Recorded media can be played back on the monitor's LCD, or uploaded to a PC via the MicroSD card or the included USB cable for viewing on a larger screen
  • Video shown on the monitor can be zoomed up to 4X and inverted 180°
  • Includes three useful probe tip accessories (a 45° mirror, a pickup hook and a magnetic pickup)
  • Choice of five menu languages
  • Specifications


    • Probe type/diameter/length: Flexible-obedient/5.5mm (0.31 in.)/1m (3.3 ft.)
    • Camera depth of field 1.2 in. to 2.4 in. (30 to 60mm)
    • Camera field of view: 54°
    • Camera and recording resolution: 640 x 480 pixels (VGA)
    • Display type/size: Color TFT/3.5 in. (89mm)
    • Display resolution: 320 x 240 pixels (QVGA)
    • Operating temperature: 14° to 122°F (-10° to 50°C) @ <85% RH
    • Weight of grip and console: 1.1 lb. (500g)
    • Power source: Four "AA" batteries (not included)


    • Grip, monitor and #P605-1SR probe
    • 4GB MicroSD memory card
    • Three probe tip accessories
    • USB and A/V cables
    • Custom hard plastic carrying case
    • 1-year limited warranty


    • 4.1 x 7.0 x 5.3 in. (104 x 178 x 135mm) for grip and console


    Can the camera probes on the scopes be used in water, gasoline, or other types of liquids?

    All of our camera probes are IP67 rated for water, oil, and dust.

    Does General carry any scopes which can work with MAC computers?

    The scopes we carry that can connect to a computer are only compatible with PC’s.

    Are there any scopes which can be viewed on a smartphone or tablet?

    Our DCiS (IBorescope) line of scopes have an app available so that it can be used with smartphones and tablets.

    Which borescopes can be used underwater?

    The models which are completely submergible in water are: DCS600A, DCS605, DCS660A, DCS665, DCS665ART.

    Are any of the borescopes intrinsically safe?

    We do not carry any intrinsically safe scopes.

    What is the longest probe that General carries?

    The longest probe available is the P161830SM-M which is 30 meters long with a 5.5mm diameter. It can be used with several models such as the DCS16HP and DCS18HP.

    What is the slimmest probe diameter that General carries?

    There is a 3.9mm probe available for most of our high-end scopes such as: DCS800, DCS1100, DCS1600HP, DCS1800HP, DCS2000.

    Which scope(s) would be ideal for use in pitch black (or similar) conditions?

    The following models have light boost and anti-reflection functions for use in extremely dark conditions: DCS1700, DCS1600HP, DCS1600HPART, DCS1800HP, DCS1800HPART.

    What is the most compact scope available?

    The DCS950 (Palmscope) is a little larger than a cellphone with a 2ft long, 0.35in diameter probe, and comes with a nylon pouch with a belt clip.