Pin-Type LCD Moisture Meter


Pin-Type LCD Moisture Meter

The MMD4E Pin-Type LCD Moisture Meter is ideal for use in woodworking, building construction, home inspection, lumber selection and water damage restoration.

Best For:



  • Wood/building materials selection switch
  • Low, medium and high moisture tones and on-screen icons
  • Reading HOLD button
  •  #PIN3 replacement pins are available
  • The pin cap doubles as a calibration checker
  • Auto power off
  • Specifications


    • Measurement ranges: 5 to 50%WME (Wood Moisture Equivalent) for wood, 1.5 to 33% for building materials
    • Moisture measurement accuracy/resolution: ±2%/0.1%
    • Pin length: 0.3 in. (8mm) ♦ Wood moisture scales: 5 to 11.9% (low); 12 to 15.9% (medium); 16 to 50% (high)
    • Building materials scales: 1.5 to 16.9% (low); 17 to 19.9% (medium); 20 to 33% (high)
    • Display size and type: 99.9 count backlit LCD with 0.3 in. (8mm) high digits
    • Auto power off: After 3 minutes of inactivity
    • Weight: 3 oz. (86g)
    • Power source: "9V" battery (included)


    • #PIN3 replacement pins
    • Battery
    • 1-year limited warranty


    • 6.0 x 2.6 x 0.8 in. (152 x 66 x 20 mm)


    Do the pins have to actually go into the material?

    For the most accurate reading possible, the pins should be inserted into the object. Do not press the pins too hard. 

    Can my moisture meter be used on bamboo?

    Our moisture meters are not calibrated specifically for bamboo. You will need a moisture meter with an adjustable specific gravity setting. At this time we do not carry such a meter.

    Can my moisture meter be used on ceramics or fiberglass?

    Our moisture meters are not calibrated for ceramics or fiberglass in terms of WME readings. However, our pinless moisture meters could give relative readings on these materials..

    Are there any moisture meters which have a NIST Certification?

    We currently do not offer any type of certification for our moisture meters. They would need to be sent to a certification lab for that.

    What is the longest pin sensor General carries?

    We carry a 5” deep wall moisture sensor which is compatible with models MMD950 and MMD900.