Siding Tools

Siding Tools

Below is our extensive PacTool siding tool product line. The siding tool product line includes:

The best-selling Gecko Gauge. Install you siding in half the time with the PacTool Gecko Gauge siding tool! This siding tool supports fiber-cement board siding for one-person installation with virtually no layout time and can reduce labor requirements in half. 

Working as a pair, the unique Z-Clamp design grips tightly to Z flashing, creating a stable platform to support each panel while nailing. This siding tool also creates the proper siding-to-flashing gap to allow moisture drainage.

Siding Face Gauge - The siding tool for the economy-minded! The siding face gauge helps keep siding reveals accurate. The hook-shaped handle provides a sure grip and solid support. 

The Gable Scribe captures gable angles quickly and easily. It has a 30" edge with integral shear guide.

Get Fast and Accurate Shingle Installation with the PacTool Shingle Sider. The Shingle Sider is your number one siding tool for fast and accurate installation of wood shingle or shake siding and roofing.

Don't fall behind in your next home improvement project. Make sure to have PacTool siding tools by your side!