Gecko Gauge LP Siding Tool - 7/16” thick

ITEM # SA90376

Gecko Gauge LP Siding Tool - 7/16” thick

The Gecko Gauge Model SA90376 gauges and supports LP siding for one-person installation with practically no layout time. It is used with 7/16” thick LP siding products. It is adjustable at 1/4” increments for 4”-8” siding reveals, Friction-Cam mechanism supports full 16’ LP siding lengths. Additionally, it won’t scratch or mar pre-painted siding.

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  • ONE-PERSON INSTALLATION - working as a pair, the gecko gauge supports 7/16” thick siding for one-person installation with virtually no layout time
  • USE WITH LP SIDING PRODUCTS – use the SA90376 gecko gauge siding tool with 7/16” LP engineered wood siding products
  • ADJUSTABLE – gauge is adjustable at 1/4” increments for 4”-8” siding reveals
  • PATENTED FRICTION-CAM MECHANISM - supports full 16’ engineered wood/LP siding lengths
  • WON’T SCRATCH OR MAR – gecko gauge won’t scratch or mar pre-painted siding
  • Specifications


    • Use with 7/16" thick composite siding
    • Adjusts at 1/4" increments for 4"-8" siding reveals


    Set of (2) Gecko Gauge clamps


    What are the minimum and maximum reveals possible with Gecko Gauges?

    Depending on the model of gauge, we can handle 4”-8” reveals or 100mm-240mm on our metric model. There is also an extension kit available (SA90202.12) that works with our model SA902 which...
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    Will Gecko Gauges mar or damage pre-painted siding?

    The plastic Gecko Gauges are completely safe on pre-painted siding when using the gauge properly and not over-tightening the gauge. The metal versions, however, will leave marks on pre-painted siding.

    On the Gecko Gauge, how much should I tighten the gauge on the siding?

    You want a snug fit on the siding. The tightening lever should make no less than a 45 degree angle with the upper half of the siding. Overtightening can cause the gauge to pull away from the wall. Tha...
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    Can the Gecko Gauge be used to install shingles?

    For shigles, we highly recommend using our Shingle Sider, model SA908. However, if you already have the Gecko Gauges and would prefer to use them on the shingles, you will first need a ledger board. D...
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