Gable Scribe - SA904

ITEM # SA904

Gable Scribe - SA904

The Gable Scribe - SA904 easily captures gable angles (0-90°) and transfer to siding. It has sturdy aluminum construction with handy guide-slot for Snapper Shear side knives.




  • CAPTURE GABLE ANGLES QUICKLY AND EASILY – This 30” cutting guide easily captures gable angles (0 – 90°) and transfers to siding
  • HANDY GUIDE SLOT FOR SNAPPER SHEAR SIDE KNIVES– While this gable scribe can be used with other siding cutting tools, it has a guide slot specifically constructed for use with PacTool dust-free Snapper Shears
  • ADJUSTABLE – gable scribe can be used for left or right hand angles
  • PROFESSIONAL FINISH – obtain professionally finished cuts that eliminate unsightly gaps - cut only once
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – gable scribe is constructed of light weight machined aluminum and steel construction
  • Specifications


    37.2 x 3.2 x 3.2 inches