E-Z Pro Deluxe Pocket Hole Jig Kit

ITEM # 850

E-Z Pro Deluxe Pocket Hole Jig Kit

The #850 E-Z Pro Deluxe Pocket Hole Jig Kit is ideal for making leg-and-rail connections, building face frame cabinets, sneaking screws into tight spots, and fastening picture frames. It can create flush, corner and angle pocket hole joints.


Best For:



  • First, use the jig to drill steeply pitched counter bores in one joint member; then, drive self-tapping screws (without pilot holes) into the other member 
  • Heavy-duty aluminum extrusion and hardened steel drill bushings
  • Portable, but can be bench-mounted
  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-compliant
  • Bit is replaceable (#32)
  • Includes 50 square drive screws, 25 pocket hole plugs and a hard plastic carrying case
  • Specifications


    • Drill bit diameter: 3/8 in.


    • Jig with clamps
    • #32 3/8 In. Step Drill Bit 
    • 3/8 in. steel stop collar
    • Hex wrench
    • 6 in. square drive bit
    • Twenty-five coarse square drive screws
    • Twenty-five fine square drive screws
    • Twenty-five wooden pocket hole plugs
    • Hard plastic carrying case