Infrared Thermometers

Two specifications tell you nearly everything you need to know about any infrared (laser) thermometer: its measurement range and its distance-to-spot (D:S) ratio. The wider the range and the higher the D:S number (a measure of its optical resolution), the better the instrument. Infrared Thermometers (IRTs) with lower numbers are perfectly adequate for simple tasks like spot-checking food temperatures and energy auditing such as the IRT207 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer. Higher-priced infrared thermometers intended for industrial users may have a SKU that ends in “K” such as the IRT850K Ultra-Wide-Range Infrared Thermometer with K Port and Adjustable Emissivity. The “K” indicates that it can accept inputs from a “K” type thermocouple probe used to measure temperature on-contact.