Wireless Rain Gage with Remote Temperature Sensor


Wireless Rain Gage with Remote Temperature Sensor

The #RGR150 can monitor rainfall and outdoor temperature from up to 100 ft. away.


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  • Comprises three components: A display station with a triple-readout LCD, a remote rain gage and one replaceable #RS150 remote temperature sensor. The display station can accept signals from one or two additional sensors
  • The display station shows: hourly, daily and weekly rainfall history in inches or mm; real-time (or min/max) indoor and outdoor temperatures; and the date and time in 12- or 24-hour format
  • The display station can be mounted on a wall or sit on a desk or shelf
  • NIST calibration is available
  • Specifications


    • Rainfall measurement range/resolution: 0 to 78.74 in. (0 to 2m)/0.04 in. (1mm)
    • Remote rain gage operating temperature: 23° to 122°F (-5° to 50°C)
    • Rainfall data transmission period: 183 seconds
    • Remote temperature sensor measurement range: -4° to 158°F (-20° to 70°C) with Alkaline batteries, -38° to 158°F (-39° to 70°C) with Lithium-ion batteries
    • Wireless temperature data transmission period: 45 seconds
    • Indoor temperature measurement range: 23° to 122°F (-5° to 50°C)
    • Indoor/outdoor temperature measurement resolution: 0.1°
    • Wireless transmission range/frequency: 100 ft. (30m) max, with no obstructions/433MHz
    • Power sources: Two "AA" batteries each for display station, remote rain gage and remote temperature sensor (none included)


    • Display station
    • Remote rain gage with mounting hardware
    • #RS150 remote temperature sensor
    • 1-year limited warranty


    • Display unit: 2.75 x 5.43 x 1.02 in. (70 x 138 x 26mm)
    • Remote rain gage: 6.49 x 6.89 x 4.72 in. (165 x 175 x 120mm)
    • Remote temperature sensor: 2.37 x 4 x 1 in. (60 x 102 x 25mm)