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Architectural panels for building exteriors are ideal for contemporary style and applications. Whether they’re installed as an accent or as the main field on the façade, panel installation have a way of really elevating the style and interest of a building.

With building panel installations becoming more common, many builders are looking for ways to cut down on labor costs, while still installing the panels safely and properly. Architectural panels may be beautiful, but they can also be heavy and unwieldy, which means they often need two people to install properly. With the Z-Clamp from Pactool International, you can safely install any size of architectural panel safely and easily. Best of all, you only need a single person to install each building panel, saving time and money on labor costs.

How it Works

The Z-Clamp is designed to hold onto the flashing or trim that is installed around each panel. The adjustable clamp is locked down onto the top edge of the flashing on the first course of panels that have been installed. Two clamps per panel are needed to hold the next course in place for nailing.

The next panel is then lifted into place and set on top of the Z-Clamps. The top of the clamp is designed to create the perfect gap between the panel and the trim, recommended for drainage and air flow. The clamps themselves can be adjusted to different panel and trim thicknesses and sizes so that each panel is placed perfectly level into place.

Once the building panel is set on the Z-Clamps, simply nail it into place as you would ordinarily. The clamps hold the panel safely and securely in the correct position for nailing – there is no need for a second person to hold the panel and no need for homemade shims or spacers to get the correct spacing between the panel and the trim.

How You’ll Save

Safety is only one benefit to installing panels using this system; other benefits include significant cost and time savings and less waste. This is because the Z-Clamp allows anyone to install the panels single handedly. In turn, this frees up labor for other parts of the job, making the installation go faster and smoother with lower labor costs overall.

The Z-Clamp also means that you’ll experience less waste, with a perfect installation every time. When using homemade spacers or shims, you need to constantly adjust for the manufacturer’s tolerances each time. Then, the person holding the panel in place needs to make sure that it’s level before it can be nailed. Any slip or error in either judgment or the homemade spacers means that the panel will not be installed with the correct tolerances or space, and that it may fail or need to be removed and reinstalled. This results in a lot of waste – both wasted time on the part of the builder and wasted material. And all of those costs must be accounted for somehow, either in higher costs to the customer or in lowered profits.

Using the Z-Clamp, you can ensure a fast, easy, and perfect installation each and every time, with enormous savings to you at the end of each job.

Get a Better Panel Installation

Architectural panels are becoming more popular every day. They offer a wide range of solutions for contemporary and transitional buildings, and with their durability and versatility can be the answer many builders and homeowners have been looking for. Make your installations of architectural panels go smoother and faster while you save by using Z-Clamps for every job.

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