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The ToolSmart digital tool product line is one of the newest tool product lines from General Tools. It is capable of connecting to a free app for unmatched coordination even with offsite persons. This new tool line consists of a laser distance measuring tool, digital angle finder, digital multimeter (DMM), and a video inspection camera. Three additional ToolSmart tools will launch in August.

Recently, it has been featured and reviewed on FOX News Tech Take and several highly respected tool blogs and websites. Here is what they have to say about the ToolSmart digital tool product line.


Watch Mark Spoonauer on FoxNews Tech Take showcase the ToolSmart Video Inspection Camera. "The ToolSmart Video Inspection Camera is a Super Spy for Home Inspectors".

Fox 5 TS VIC

homefixated is a website recognized for its expert opinions on woodworking, tools, and gardening.  Assigned to review ToolSmart was Steve French. According to Steve, the ToolSmart is a digital tool product line of smart tools that can be used as standalone tools or with other tools with the added bonus of having Internet Bluetooth or WiFI connectivity linked to mobile devices.

According to Steve, the most impressive feature of all ToolSmart tools is the app which allows you to save your readings for easy retrieval when needed.


Pro Tool Review has been helping professional tradesmen since 2008. Their roster of reviewers covers all areas of construction, repair, service, and maintenance. Their writers are known to go on-site to test tools and equipment and filming them in videos that are then posted on the website.

Clint DeBoer, one of the website founders, writes to give contractors and builders reliable reviews that can help them decide on the best tools to use for the job.

On ToolSmart, this is what he has to say: ToolSmart products are not "premium solutions but enhanced tools" for those who don't want to be bothered with having to jot down measurements. He adds that General Tools is going in the right direction with the ToolSmart digital tool product line because they are in tune with today's technology by being affordable and easy to use.


Real Tool Reviews started as a YouTube channel in 2014 with 3 videos and is now one of the most popular tool guides on social media. They have become the go-to YouTube channel for professional traders with their no-holds-barred review policy that assures its multiple subscribers of honest and real-world feedback.

According to Real Tool Reviews, the ToolSmart products are ready-to-use products straight out of the box. Of all the ToolSmart digital tools, it is the camera that they fell in love with because of the screen resolution, price tag, and LED light. However, they are quick to add that all ToolSmart products have high functionality that is perfect especially for anyone working on a project unassisted.


Workshop Addict is an online forum with several hundred active subscribers and over 14,000 Facebook Likes. It was launched in 2011 and covers topics on woodwork, metal fabrication, DIY, auto repair and maintenance, home improvement and construction and other similar topics.

Assigned to review ToolSmart was Brian Hofmeister who wrote about the functionality of the Toolmaster digital tools and how it helps that it can be used with and without the app. He specifically gave credit to the "share-ability" of the tool's features and the high-quality battery life. Lastly, Brian paid tribute to the ToolSmart Video Inspection Camera saying it was their website's new go-to-tool which he said speaks volumes considering they have a wide range of other brands and models to choose from, some of which are high-end options.

workshop addict video image



Tool Guyd is a popular blog launched in 2008 by Stuart Deutsch specifically for new tool reviews, tool guides, and DIY projects. This blog stands out because it never accepts payment for reviews. Of all the ToolSmart products, Stuart was most impressed with the DMM and expressed his intention to get one for his tool box. He likes the idea of the remote viewing screen and varied features especially the non-contact voltage detector.

In summary, all these men have personally tried and tested the ToolSmart tools and speak highly of its functionality, price, convenience, accuracy, and connectivity – all of which make their jobs and DIY projects a lot easier to complete.


Tools in Action is an online publication, run by Co-Founders, Eric and Dan, is dedicated to tools and cool gear. Check out what the two had to say about ToolSmart in the YouTube videos below:

toolsinaction video image

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