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When the time comes to replace the siding on your home, it’s common for many homeowners to both want to do the job themselves and want to use a material that is going to outlast what they are replacing. For homeowners who are tired of wood siding that constantly needs to be repainted and replaced, aluminum siding that fades and dents, or vinyl siding that can crack and melt, a great alternative is fiber cement siding.

Fiber cement house siding is a beautiful, durable product made of a mixture of cellulose fiber, Portland cement, sand, and silica. It’s long lasting and doesn’t require nearly as much maintenance as wood.

However, for the homeowner considering the installation themselves, fiber cement can also be daunting. It’s heavy, rigid, and may take more than one person simply to hold it in place while you nail it.

However, with the Gecko Gauge fiber cement siding tool, you can side your home more efficiently and more quickly, even when using fiber cement or even fiber cement shingles. Using the Gecko Gauge to hold the planks in place means fewer people are needed for the job, getting straight, even lines every time, and therefore, a much faster and easier installation.

What Is the Gecko Gauge?

The Gecko Gauge is a set of fiber cement siding clamps that acts as a pair of hands to hold a course of siding in place. For heavy, dense materials like fiber cement, the Gecko Gauge can free you up to ensure that each course is completely level, allowing for an installation up to 48% faster than you could achieve otherwise.

The clamps also work for shingle installations by holding the ledger board in place while you nail the next course of shingles. By using the clamps, you are ensured that each row of siding or shingles you install is completely level, in the correct position and not going to slip or move as you nail.

Because you can count on this, you will spend less time needing to double check and adjust the alignment of each course before nailing. You will also make fewer mistakes while nailing and will spend less time needing to correct and adjust later. Therefore, there is less waste for the installation, easy use, and a speedier application of the material to your walls.

When using the Gecko Gauge, there’s also almost no layout; simply put the clamps into position and adjust the next course of siding. And because you won’t need to manually hold each course in place, there’s less fatigue over the course of the job, so you can often finish larger areas in one go, installing not only each course more quickly, but also finishing the entire job in less time.

Gauges for Different Applications

Fiber cement can come painted or primed, and in different applications, sizes, and shapes. There are different Gecko Gauges available for these different applications, as well as for engineered wood. This ensures that no matter what type of siding you are attempting to install, you can get the same speed, accuracy, and ease of use that the Gecko Gauge offers.

Extensions are also available for wider planks and some architectural panels. Now, you don’t need to let the heaviness or difficulty in installation of fiber cement stop you from achieving your siding goals.

Get Your Home Sided Faster

Working alone or with a partner, the Gecko Gauge will help you get your home sided more quickly and with better accuracy. Whether you’re a seasoned installer or a novice DIYer, you can achieve greater success in your fiber cement siding installation by relying on the Gecko Gauge to hold your planks in place for nailing.


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