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Perfect Your Home’s Angles with the Gable Scribe

Gable Scribe

Siding your home can be a big challenge no matter its shape, size, or the material that you use. Siding the angles, gables, and other unique areas of your home’s exterior can be even trickier, particularly when using extremely dense material, such as fiber cement.

Materials like fiber cement are highly durable, long lasting, and extremely low maintenance. For some homeowners, though, these benefits may contrast the fact that the material is also heavier and may be more difficult to move and cut.

So, when you need to make cuts at an angle in the material to cover your gables, corners, and other angles, some homeowners end up with a gap where there should be complete coverage, simply because they were unsure of how to correctly assess the angle and transfer it to the siding for the correct cut.

The Gable Scribe changes that. Made for use with thick or tough materials, it allows you to transcribe the perfect angle onto the siding, then make the ideal cut. Now, you can have professional-looking cuts and angles, hiding any unsightly gaps in your siding even with dense materials.

What Is the Gable Scribe?

The Gable Scribe is an adjustable tool that is designed for use on home siding. The angle of the Scribe can be adjusted to fit the angle of your home where the siding meets the roofline. The Gable Scribe can be adjusted from 0 to 90 degrees, allowing you to easily capture any angle, no matter where you are on the home.

The Scribe locks easily into place when put into the correct position, then transfers readily to the piece of material to be cut. Only one person is necessary to use the Scribe, so measurements and cuts can be done in a matter of minutes, giving you a tight, professional fit each and every time.

How to Use the Gable Scribe

Gable Scribe

The Gable Scribe is used when you have completed your siding application to the gable of the house. At this point, the material will need to be cut to fit this angle, so the final course can be installed.

Open the Scribe and slide it up against the roofline where the siding will be placed. Adjust the bars to find the correct angle and lock the angle of the Scribe so that it holds.

Now, take the Scribe and place it directly on top of the piece of siding you need to cut. The Scribe is designed to be used with dust free Snapper Shears – an ideal tool for cutting fiber cement – but can also be used with a variety of other cutting tools. Simply follow the line of the Scribe to make an accurate cut, then fit the siding into place and nail.

The entire process takes just minutes to complete and will give you an accurate angle and professional cut each time. Now, you don’t need to eyeball the angle, guess where it may be, or rely on faulty measurement tools that could leave you with wavy cuts or gaps at the top of your siding. Check out this video for step by step instruction: Gable Scribe Instructional Video.

Make Perfect Angle Cuts Every Time with the Gable Scribe

Whether you’re building a new home or doing a siding renovation on your current home, every inch needs to be installed accurately for the best possible results. When measuring and cutting angles, having a tool that takes the guesswork and inaccuracy out of the process can be invaluable. Make a perfect cut each and every time by measuring your angle with the Gable Scribe and transferring directly to your siding. Now, you’ll have a professional-looking installation no matter where you apply your siding.

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