• Many workplaces and homes have gas powered appliances, yet never think anything of potential gas leaks once it's been installed. Unfortunately gas leaks happen fairly often, sometimes leading to detrimental accidents. If you use gas in your home or at work, you must know how to recognize gas leak symptoms and have the proper tool to check gas lines on a regular basis. The Danger of Gas Leaks Did you know that the sulfuric smell associated with propa Read more

  • Used properly, a laser thermometer can pinpoint where inadequate insulation and/or air leaks are making your summer air-conditioning bills and winter heating bills higher than they could be. Identifying these energy-porous points- a process called an energy audit- is only the first step. Someone still has to plug any major leaks around windows and doors with weatherstripping and/or add insulation wherever the audit indicates. If you're handy, you can Read more

  • Have you ever painted exterior siding or interior drywall, then watch the paint peel and flake afterward? Or installed flooring materials, only to see your handiwork buckle and heave? Or built something in your shop and have the wood warp or split later on? The failures they represent all share the same underlying cause: moisture content in the materials being worked on. Professional woodworkers and building contractors know how to avoid this problem Read more

  • I have a classic, old sailboat built in 1939 and maintaining it is a constant effort. The boat has an old engine built before the time of electronic ignitions and it must be adjusted regularly. There is an access hole in the center of the cockpit where you must bend down to reach the part of the engine with these components. One day, while cruising in the southeastern US we awoke to begin the day's journey and the engine would not start. We opened th Read more

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