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It's time to pull out your LTM2X Laser Tape Measure and start measuring everything in your house! But first, make sure you know all there is to know about your laser tape measure with the below FAQs and short Quick Start Video!

  1. How do I open and close the battery door?

To open, hold the LTM2X laser tape measure in your right hand with the belt clip facing your palm, your fingers wrapped around the bottom by the tape retract button, and your thumb on the battery door. Press the tip of your thumb into the finger grip ridges on the battery door. If needed, use both thumbs to push the door in the direction of the arrow under the word "OPEN" on the door. The door should pop open and allow you to insert the batteries.

To close, hold the laser tape measure in the same position in your hand. Press the door down with your right thumb. Make sure that the door is fully extended and hangs below the bottom of the tape measure slightly. While still holding the door down with your right thumb, take your left thumb and slide the door in the opposite direction of the arrow under the word "OPEN". This should lock the door in place.

  1. Why does the battery door seem so tight?

Due to the frequency and nature of how people use tape measures, they tend to get knocked around and dropped a lot. To protect the battery compartment, we needed to make sure that door had a firm closure to prevent it from popping open. This specific design is meant to make the unit more sturdy during regular use and allow it to take the drops that might occur when using a tape measure.

  1. Are there more detailed instructions available?

More detailed instructions can be found under the LTM2X Laser Tape Measure "Resources" tab here:

  1. How do I change the units from feet to total inches and back again?

Press and hold the red button for 2 seconds until the units change.

  1. How do I shut the screen off?

Press and hold the red button for 4 seconds until the screen turns off.

  1. Does the laser blink or is it steady?

The laser blinks to allow for the continuous measurement feature. As you move the laser either closer to or further from the target, the numbers on the screen will automatically adjust to the current measurement. The pulsing of the laser allows the sensor to pick up the distance changes as you move it. This helps you to zero in on the correct measurement in real time.

  1. How far can I measure with the laser?

Using the laser you can measure up to 65 ft. with an accuracy of 1/8 in.

  1. How long is the tape measure?

The tape measures up to 16 ft.

  1. Does the screen show measurements from the tape measure also or just from the laser?

The screen shows measurements from the laser only.

Quick Start video below: 


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