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I have a classic, old sailboat built in 1939 and maintaining it is a constant effort. The boat has an old engine built before the time of electronic ignitions and it must be adjusted regularly. There is an access hole in the center of the cockpit where you must bend down to reach the part of the engine with these components. One day, while cruising in the southeastern US we awoke to begin the day's journey and the engine would not start. We opened the cover to the engine access hole and pulled open the ignition to work on it as this was generally the problem. While leaning into the hole I dropped one of the attachment screws and it fell about 2 feet down into the dark bilge of this old boat. Without that screw we were going nowhere. Luckily I carry a tool that is perfect for this situation that I have used in many other situations where I needed to grab something small that I could not reach. I went into my toolbox to get the General Lighted Mechanical Pick-Up. It is about 2 foot long and has a push button that activates a light and a retrieval claw. I put the long slim shaft down into the bilge, pushed the button and was able to see the screw and retrieve it with the claw. After that, I was more careful not to drop the screw and was able to adjust the ignition properly, start up the engine and motor away on our trip.

These General lighted mechanical pick-ups are very handy to have around and have come in very useful many times over the years at home and on my boat. Anytime you need to retrieve something where you normally cannot reach it with your hand this product can save you. I have used it working on the car or in the sink drain as well as behind or under the dryer or stove. For me, this inexpensive tool is a must have tool!

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One thought on “Lighted Mechanical Pick-Up Saves the Day”

  • Jacqueline

    This tool saved my favorite earrings. They fell behind the vanity in my bathroom, and I was worried that I would never see them again.

    My Dad got his General Lighted Mechanical Pick-Up from the garage, and was able to get my earrings back in less than 2 mins. The light was super helpful because there was no light in such a small spot; he found the earrings and picked them up in no time.