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  • Perfect Your Home’s Angles with the Gable Scribe Siding your home can be a big challenge no matter its shape, size, or the material that you use. Siding the angles, gables, and other unique areas of your home’s exterior can be even trickier, particularly when using extremely dense material, such as fiber cement. Materials like fiber cement are highly durable, long lasting, and extremely low maintenance. For some homeowners, though, these benef Read more

  • Hurricane Storm Ready Tips - Your Quick Hurricane Resource Guide from General Tools Important – In the event your area will be affected by an upcoming storm, this article will provide you with several quick links to hurricane resources. **Make sure to bookmark this hurricane resource guide for easy reference.** The peak of hurricane season is around the corner. As per, the 2018 Atlantic hurricane season begins on June 1st, peaks from Aug Read more

  • My wife is a professional photographer, and that entails more work than you think. There's a lot that goes into taking a good picture, and there's even more that goes into taking a great picture. She puts a lot of sweat and creativity into every one of her photographs, and each of them deserves a picture frame that's going to do them justice. The finished product ends up on customer's walls and in galleries, which means they must be framed. And fra Read more

  • The harsher weather is coming with the change of seasons, and with it comes the possibility of things breaking down or not working properly. Every year I worry about potential issues hidden behind walls, under floors, in gutters, in the ceiling or in the heating system. To help avoid financial and emotional surprises in the dead of winter, I run an inspection throughout my home every fall. I also do it for my parents who are getting on in years. Th Read more

  • A deck can be a great addition to your home and yard. Not only can it increase the overall value of your home, but if you're like me and my family, it can end up being where you spend the most amount of time during the warmer months of the year. It can be uniquely satisfying to stand on a deck that you've built with your own two hands, and the money you'll save by doing it yourself is enough motivation for a cheapskate like me. Bragging rights asid Read more

  • General Tools Responds to Louisiana Flooding by Donating Moisture Meters for Free Home Inspections The statistics from the Louisiana flood that hit hard this August were sobering. An estimated 60,000 homes incurred damage, 30,000 people were rescued and nearly 110,000 households applied for housing assistance. According to the Times-Picayune, 11 percent of the state's population was affected by the flood. We wanted to help in a meaningful way and Read more

  • Baseboards and trim can get wedged tightly in corners and stubbornly stick to your walls. This becomes a problem when you need to remove them, since a regular pry bar won't remove them without causing damage to your wallpaper, paint, and walls (especially drywall). You may even want to save the trim or baseboard for future projects, but it might seem impossible to remove them without breaking them. If you're looking for a way to leave both your wall Read more

  • The ANGLE-IZER™ Template Tool from General Tools is a handy personal and professional device for creating specialized shapes in tile, wood, brick and countertops. Made of glass-filled nylon plastic, this tool is both durable and flexible for any application or job site. The  ANGLE-IZER™ four slotted rulers move and lock into any position to become a customized stencil in minutes, eliminating tedious guesswork and wasted materials from inaccurat Read more

  • There are many different ways to make a raised garden bed. You can be as creative as you want, but if you're just looking for an attractive container for your flowers and plants, you can build something simple in less than a couple of hours. A raised garden bed doesn't have to be anything more than a structure that surrounds your soil and plants. If there are rabbits or other small critters in your yard, you might want to make it tall enough to kee Read more

  • An ill-fitting belt is never a good look, which is why this revolving hole punch from General Tools is such a handy tool to have in your collection. With just a couple of quick punches from this tool you can have your new leather belt or existing favorite prepared and ready for daily use. Thanks to the quality materials that are used in the construction of this hole punch - including plated steel pliers and hardened steel punches - you can expect it Read more

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