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YouTube is a great place to watch DIY woodworking tutorials that give you visual walkthroughs on how to do woodworking projects from start to finish. YouTube videos can inspire you to experiment with new ideas and try out projects you had never dreamed of yourself. With 20 channels dedicated to bringing you new project ideas and even showing you how to do them, you will have plenty of projects to ponder. So it's time to open your scrap wood cabinet and get started on something new.

1. Woodworking For Mere Mortals

DIY Woodworking 1

Steve Ramsey makes woodworking fun. His YouTube Channel, Woodworking For Mere Mortals Building, shows Steve making cool stuff in his garage in Marin County, California. From games and toys to special holiday projects during his 12 days of "Craftmas" (wooden snowflakes!), Steve consistently puts out new DIY woodworking videos and projects every Friday.

2. John Heisz

DIY Woodworking 2

John Heisz is a Canadian woodworker who makes many of his own tools to help him with his projects. His YouTube channel shows you how to also make your own tools. He has a video series on how to make homemade clamps, whether you're making hand screw clamps, wooden bar clamps or a deep c clamp. Another one of his video series takes you through the making of your own homemade vise.

3. Frank Howarth

DIY Woodworking 3

Frank is an architect/woodworker who creates videos with stunning visuals that are intended to inspire you. Frank uses his top-notch filmmaking skills to fast-forward himself as he works on a project. He even uses stop motion—an animation technique that enables him to manipulate objects (such as chisels and clamps and block planes) to make it appear they are moving on their own.

It's true, his videos are not the step-by-step type of videos that will help a novice woodworker from start to finish, but you are sure to leave his channel eager to spend some quality time in the shop.

4. Garage Woodworks

DIY Woodworking 4

Brian Grella builds DIY woodworking projects in his garage woodshop. He lives by the motto "Cars Live Outside." Brian works in his garage to build useful household items like guitar stands, pizza cutters and breakfast trays. In one of his videos, Brian shows how he made salad tongs and then eats a salad right there on camera to show off his wooden creations.

5. Make Something

DIY Woodworking 5

For those who want to make money from their woodworking skills, David Piccuito's channel Make Something is a great place to start. He encourages woodworkers to use his designs for selling to clients as long as he gets credit for the design. Make Something has tutorials for making things at any skill level, from beginner to expert. It is filled with woodworking hacks on things like how to make curved inlays and how to drill really large holes—even those holes that are larger than your largest bit.

6. Backyard Woodworking

DIY Woodworking 6

Some DIY woodworking projects are too intimidating to even attempt because you don't think of yourself as a master woodworker. Backyard Woodworking dubs itself as the YouTube channel for the average guy. The channel takes you through simple projects you can do today, projects like a piggy bank, a birdhouse and a heart box—which is apparently the perfect gift for your sweetie!

7. Jimmy DiResta

DIY Woodworking 7

How would you like to look over the shoulder of a master builder inside his workshop to see how he does it? Not everybody wants a teacher walking them through their methods and reasons—they just want to see how a master working at his craft. Jimmy DiResta has been doing woodworking projects for over 40 years. He has a YouTube channel without any of the chatting you find on most other channels. Watching his videos, which are released bimonthly, you will only hear the sounds of the tools and not the sound of his voice.

8. Mathias Wandel

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Mathias Wandel's YouTube channel looks at woodworking projects through an engineering and science lens. He has a series of videos called "Workshop Physics" where he explains how crowned pulleys work and describes the Venturi effect. To explain the physics, Mathias draws out diagrams right there on camera.

9. I Like to Make Stuff

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I Like to Make Stuff is the perfect channel for beginners who want comprehensive teaching on woodworking. It has a show called Maker 101 that goes into the basic skills you need to start making stuff. I Like to Make Stuff is not intimidating to the beginner because it isn’t afraid of showing woodworkers making mistakes on their project rather than always doing everything perfectly.

10. Woodwork Web

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Woodwork Web is a channel friendly to the beginning woodworker. It has a Beginner's Series of 20 videos to help you choose the right tools and important skills like how to disassemble a pallet.

11. Carl Jacobson

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Carl Jacobson has created over 350 videos to overwhelm you with project ideas, some of which you can complete in less than an hour. He takes you through the entire process from preparing the wood to the sanding and finishing of the project. Carl releases a new video every Friday with a follow-up video every Monday to answer questions based on the feedback he received over the weekend.

12. Jon Peters Art & Home

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Jon Peters Art & Home is a show about DIY woodworking and other home-related topics. Jon keeps it interactive by encouraging viewers to send their project pictures to him so that he can have a look at them. And if you like some drama with your woodworking videos, Jon does occasionally record videos of him freaking out about things like cheap Chinese wood.

13. Fine Wood Working

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Created by the editors of Fine Woodworking magazine, the Fine Wood Working YouTube channel guides you along to create your first DIY woodworking project and help you fall in love with a new hobby. This channel has a variety of different instructors doing projects in many different locations, so it always feels fresh when they put out a new video.

14. Wood Whisperer

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If you are an advanced woodworker then you might want to check out the Wood Whisperer channel. It has advanced projects broken down to the details in multi-part series and also technique videos. Mark Spagnuolo has been creating DIY woodworking videos on the channel since 2006, so there is a lot of content to scratch the itch of any woodworking enthusiast.

15. Think Woodworks

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Izzy Swan is a specialist in crafting rustic furniture, with his furniture appearing in galleries and rustic furniture shops throughout the United States. Making rustic furniture has forced Izzy to create homemade tools—a skill which he passes on in his YouTube channel.

16. Jay's Custom Creations

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The Jay's Customs Creations YouTube channel releases weekly videos on shop projects and dimensional lumber projects. Jay's show can really help you if you want to do DIY woodworking projects on a budget. He sometimes shows viewers how to complete the project without electricity and using only hand tools. He goes over the prices he paid for materials to give people a realistic budget for the project before they get started.

17. This Woodworker

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 12.01.21 PM

Alex Harris is a teenage woodworker who posts how-to videos on woodworking projects. On his channel, Alex makes the things that might be of particular interest to younger woodworkers, such as Frisbees and bottle openers and even a wood backed case for your iPhone. Alex also has a corresponding woodworking vlog where he answers questions from viewers.

18. April Wilkerson

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April Wilkerson took up woodworking because she wanted to make cool things that she couldn't really afford to buy. A self-described obsessed DIYer, April's YouTube channel shows her taking on projects she never encountered before and she records her results on the show.

19. Paul Sellers

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Woodworker and furniture maker Paul Sellers dispense knowledge from his 50 years of woodworking on his YouTube channel. Paul shows his viewers the possibilities of wood in his relaxed and methodical manner. His videos take place in his workshop and his garden.

20. Jack Houweling

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Do you like to see the process of completing DIY woodworking projects without all the heavy editing? Jack Houweling's videos are shot in real time so you can watch him work at a real human pace instead of the sped up pace found on many other YouTube channels. He also has a video series of 30 easy projects you can complete in your shop.

Hope these top Woodworking YouTube Channels help you with all your future DIY woodworking projects! Make sure to use General's woodworking tools, like our best-selling Heavy Duty, All-In-One Aluminum Pocket Hole Jig Kit, 76 Piece Set With Carrying Case, or the 822 Digital Angle Finder Rule, 5-Inch. Use both tools and create a frame as your next DIY project!

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