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Summer time is finally here! Time to relax in your backyard hammock, sip an ice-cold beverage and have a much awaited bbq. But before you kick back, spruce up your home with DIY summer projects!  Whether it’s creating a beautiful patio, repainting the family room, designing a new walkway or getting ready for a July 4th barbeque; the below DIY tools will help make your summer projects easy and your home the most attractive house on the block!

One way to enhance your backyard and minimize garden chores is to build an outdoor patio. The maintenance of a patio is simpler and cheaper than taking care of grass - and it adds value to your home.

Building a patio is not always simple if you want something other than a boxed-shaped patio. The ANGLE-IZER® can quickly and easily help you create any patio design you desire. Try adding borders, arches and maybe even a fire pit to add a special and unique touch to your home.

With the ANGLE-IZER™, you can mix and match materials, designs and stone sizes with relative ease. Once you see how easy it is to create the patio of your dreams, take the ANGLE-IZER to the front of the house and create an amazing walkway or driveway that will be sure to impress. View the ANGLE-IZER video to see the various ways you can use the ANGLE-IZER to beautify your home.

As beautiful as summer can be, there are days that are hot, muggy and sticky. One would think air conditioning would help. But…why isn’t it? The air conditioner was on all night long and the thermostat still reads 78°? Obviously the air conditioner is either broken or the nice cool air is seeping somewhere causing your home to never quite get cool enough and your utility bills are sky rocketing! Don’t fret, General Tools can help with the IRT207 Infrared Thermometer. Scan around windows in your home with the IRT207 to check for temperature variations. This can help determine if surrounding walls have gaps in installation letting cool air escape on hot summer days.

Now it’s barbeque time! After a long winter, make sure your grill is in tip top shape and ready to use with the PNG2000A Gas Leak Detector. The hose on your grill or the propane gas tank may be leaking. Make sure before you fire up your grill, to check for gas leaks with the PNG2000A. It can also be used for checking natural gas and butane that may be leaking from plumbing and appliances. Check out its many uses.

Why stop here. Don’t limit yourself with outdoor DIY Summer Projects, take yourself indoors and tackle those projects that you never get to in the colder months. Unsure how much gallons of paint to use when repainting a room? With the Laser Distance Measure and ToolSmart Connect Precision App, it takes just seconds to measure a whole room with absolute accuracy.

The app will adjust for extra coats, primer, subtract space for doors and windows, and puts those raw measurements into real-world numbers you can take to the hardware store. You can also quickly and easily measure a room single-handedly with the TS01 Laser Measure. Say goodbye to the conventional tape measure and cut down on project time with the laser measure.


These tools plus additional DIY Tools will help to
quick start your DIY Summer Projects!

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