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The ANGLE-IZER™ Template Tool from General Tools is a handy personal and professional device for creating specialized shapes in tile, wood, brick and countertops. Made of glass-filled nylon plastic, this tool is both durable and flexible for any application or job site. The  ANGLE-IZER™ four slotted rulers move and lock into any position to become a customized stencil in minutes, eliminating tedious guesswork and wasted materials from inaccurate cuts.

Although the ANGLE-IZER™ can handle many different jobs, here are 7 clever DIY projects that this tool can be used for:

Idea #1: Retile your Bathroom


One of the drawbacks to tiling a bathroom is the time it takes to diligently and accurately cut the tiles to the exact measurement. It would be much easier if bathroom tiles did not require special shapes to fit into tight corners or curved edges, but this is rarely the case. You could hire a professional, but many homeowners regret spending that extra money after realizing retiling the bathroom is a great DIY project.

With the  ANGLE-IZER™ template tool, you eliminate inaccurate measurements for odd-shaped tiles and can shorten the amount of time it would take to retile the entire bathroom. Instead of pulling your hair out trying to calculate, create and cut every measurement, you may find yourself enjoying what would have been a very tedious task. By doing this project on your own and with the Angle-izer tool, you'll be saving both time and money in the long run.

Idea #2 Build an Outdoor Patio


One way to enhance your backyard and minimize on garden chores is to build an outdoor patio. The maintenance of a patio is far simpler and cheaper than taking care of grass - and it adds value to your home.

Building a patio is not always simple if you want something other than a boxed-shaped patio. The  ANGLE-IZER™ can quickly and easily help you create any patio design you desire. Try adding borders, arches and maybe even a fire pit to add a special and unique touch to your home. With the  ANGLE-IZER™, you can mix and match materials, designs and stone sizes with relative ease.

Idea #3 Create a Stunning Driveway

After updating your backyard patio, why not make your driveway equally as stunning? Try paving your driveway using paving bricks, stone, stamped concrete, concrete tiles, and ground covers. The  ANGLE-IZER™ will be just as useful and handy for this as well, saving you time and money.

Idea # 4 Replace and refit your Kitchen Countertop


The kitchen countertop is one of the most abused tables in the house. It is used for cooking, cutting, sitting, eating, working, and even playing. In many homes, the counter top sets the tone for the kitchen's ambiance, so you'll want to put some effort into making it look fresh and clean. The  ANGLE-IZER™ will help you achieve the smooth sophisticated finish of a professional job when updating or replacing your countertop.

Idea #5 Enhance Floors with Quilting


If you're looking to add a beautiful and colorful touch to your home, consider installing quilted/mosaic flooring in your front foyer. Similar to quilting, all kinds of decorative tiles can combined together in various angles to create an striking collage on your floor. The  ANGLE-IZER™ tool will help you cut and layout each precise measurement. Guests will be impressed with both your intricate flooring and with the fact you were able to do it on your own.

Idea #6 Use for Construction or Repairs


The  ANGLE-IZER™ is the perfect tool to have around if you want to build a decorative arch on your property, a permanent outdoor barbecue pit/brick oven, a trellis, or even a dog house. You'll be able to make professional quality plumb cuts, double cuts, and special angle cuts on wood or any other hard material.

By using this template tool, making repetitive, accurate measurements are no longer a headache.

Idea #7 for Laying out Window Sills


Window sills usually need more maintenance or replacement than any other part of the window because of their vulnerability to wood rot. Replacing or repairing the window sill as soon as you notice signs of damage (such as cracked paint) will save you tremendous effort later on.

With window sills, you often come across windows with varying degrees - even with windows that are side by side each other. However, laying out a window can be a breeze, even for beginner DIY-ers, with the  ANGLE-IZER™ template tool. You may even be able to do the job within 2 hours without removing the window. The  ANGLE-IZER™ easily and accurately measures window sills for a custom fit every time.

With the  ANGLE-IZER™, handy work around the house and office don't have to take all day or stay in limbo for weeks. The most arduous of tasks in repair and construction is in the measurement and cutting. With this tool, you will be able to fast track this stage of the project and move on to the fun part of laying out and building something amazing.

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