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5 Tools That Every Roofing Contractor Should Own

Without the right tools even the most experienced roofing contractor will struggle to complete a job. Tool selection, both in terms of type of tool and quality, are important considerations for a contractor looking to expand or replace items in his toolbox.

While there are factors that will dictate exactly what tools a roofing contractor will need, such as the type of roofing material they work with, the majority of tools are fairly universal in use. Of these fundamental roofing tools, here are the top 5 that will come in handy almost on a daily basis.

Roof Snake

Now composition shingles can be replaced easily and accurately with the Roof Snake. With its unique offset nail-slot feature, the Roof Snake helps you align new nails with the proper one-inch offset from the bottom-edge of your existing course. It also lets you install new shingles without over-bending or striking surrounding shingles (or fingers) with your hammer.


Moisture Metermoisture meter

Every roofer knows how important moisture control is when it comes to roofs. Moisture damage is one of the most common reasons for a failed roof and keeping moisture at bay during construction or repair is vital. Most often the roof is most at risk for moisture damage during this time as it is exposed to the elements. Moisture meters are a must-have device for every roofer, whether you work with natural wood shingles or even something like fiber cement.

The technology in moisture meters has advanced greatly, making current models very accurate. Selecting a moisture meter with a pin or pinless sensing option increases versatility while a remote probe lets you easily test moisture levels in hard to reach places. Not only are moisture meters useful during roof construction, but also ideal for annual roof inspections and general troubleshooting.

Investing in quality manufactured tools, especially when it comes to the essential items, is worth every penny. With the sheer amount of use many of these items get it is wise to choose the highest quality products you can to extend the life of the tool and reduce the chances of breakage.

Magnetic Pickup Toolmagnetic pickup tools

Magnetic pickup tools are very handy devices used to grab small items that may have fallen in dark or hard to reach areas. They differ in design from the commonly seen magnetic sweepers in that they are much more compact and designed to directly grab one item. While magnetic sweepers are certainly useful for scanning over a roof or work zone for screws, nails and other hardware, magnetic pickups are excellent for more precise recovery of fallen tools or fasteners. For example, if a small metal tool falls into a gutter or downspout it is easier (and safer) to retrieve it with a metal pickup tool.

You can find a number of different styles of magnetic pickup tools, from fairly basic telescope models to more robust lighted, mechanical options. Some of these pickup tools have magnets capable of pulling upwards of 10lbs, which is quite impressive.

laser distance measureToolSmart Laser Distance Measurer

Bluetooth technology has gradually worked its way into the world of roofing and can now be found in many different tools. One type of tool that really benefits from having Bluetooth capabilities are laser measurement devices. These updated laser measurement tools combine the precision of digital measurement with automatic Bluetooth syncing to your phone.

There is nothing quite as frustrating as taking measurements, scribbling them down on a piece of paper, and accidentally losing it. You can save yourself a lot of time by choosing a laser distance measuring tool that will track all measurements in an easy to use, free app right on your smartphone.

Utility Knifeutility knife

One tool that is universally important in any area of construction and a must-have for roof work is the utility knife. Utility knives can be found for quite cheap, but selecting a knife based on price rather than quality is a mistake. Not only are cheaply made utility knives likely to break, but they also can pose a serious safety risk if they fail while being used. Industrial blades are incredibly sharp and ensuring your utility knife is durable and well-made is vital.

General's Utility Knife is perfect for opening boxes, cutting down materials, scoring flashing, and sizing down shingles. It is easy to use and you may store extra blades inside the case of the knife, which comes in handy when you're doing work that dulls the blade quickly.

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