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  • PacTool International, leader in exterior construction tools, is the perfect fit to General Tools’ collection of precision hand and digital tools used primarily for interior home improvement projects. Check out PacTool's Best Selling Products Below: Gecko Gauge Fiber Cement Siding Tool ONE-PERSON INSTALLATION! The James Hardie® approved Gecko Gauge SA903 Fiber Cement Siding Tool gauges and supports cement-board siding for ONE-PERSON INSTALLAT Read more

  • My wife is a professional photographer, and that entails more work than you think. There's a lot that goes into taking a good picture, and there's even more that goes into taking a great picture. She puts a lot of sweat and creativity into every one of her photographs, and each of them deserves a picture frame that's going to do them justice. The finished product ends up on customer's walls and in galleries, which means they must be framed. And fra Read more

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