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  • When most people think of using a magnetic pickup tool they think of the most basic uses: picking up nails and screws that they have dropped on the floor while working on a project, finding lost nails and screws in piles of sawdust, or ones that are dropped while working outside in the snow, and of course picking up your yard when the roofing company leaves behind a mess of nails in your grass. While these are all great uses of the tool, they are no Read more

  • The multimeter is an indispensable part of any modern-day toolkit. For electrical repairs, it is as essential as a screwdriver and as versatile as a Swiss knife. Most professionals are already familiar with multimeters, and yet many make common and easily avoidable mistakes while using one. If you are a DIY enthusiast, have a passion for electronics or simply want to repair minor problems around your house, it's important that you understand how to u Read more

  • It seems that the whole world has gone digital. Pretty much every electronic gadget that you come across these days is digital, and the analog style is getting harder and harder to find. When it comes to multimeters, however, you can still locate analog options along with all of the modern digital choice. So, which is better - a digital or analog multimeter? What is a multimeter? Before we get too far into the discussion of digital vs. analog, it Read more

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