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  • YouTube is a great place to watch DIY woodworking tutorials that give you visual walkthroughs on how to do woodworking projects from start to finish. YouTube videos can inspire you to experiment with new ideas and try out projects you had never dreamed of yourself. With 20 channels dedicated to bringing you new project ideas and even showing you how to do them, you will have plenty of projects to ponder. So it's time to open your scrap wood cabin Read more

  • As a home inspector, you already have a lot of tools. Among the pieces of equipment that are likely included in your kit is a flashlight, electrical circuit tester, ladder, knife, tape measure, screwdriver, and much more. These tools aren't optional, either they are simply part of getting the job done. Without the right equipment, even the most talented inspector in the world will struggle to evaluate the safety and longevity of a building. In or Read more

  • When you think about a thermometer, you probably picture a device with some kind of probe that is placed into the object being measured. Whether it is a thermometer that you place under your tongue to take your own temperature, or a food thermometer that you push into a piece of meat to make sure it is done, probe-style thermometers have long been a standard. However, there are plenty of other options on the market today, and infrared thermo Read more

  • If you work in a professional trade such as carpentry, plumbing, inspection, or any of a long list of other fields, you should consider adding a laser distance measuring device to your toolbox. These handy little units can save you a ton of time over pulling out an old tape measure, and they are incredibly accurate. Getting a measurement across a room is as simple as just pushing a button, and you won't even need another person to hold the end of the Read more

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