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General Tools Responds to Louisiana Flooding by Donating Moisture Meters for Free Home Inspections

The statistics from the Louisiana flood that hit hard this August were sobering. An estimated 60,000 homes incurred damage, 30,000 people were rescued and nearly 110,000 households applied for housing assistance. According to the Times-Picayune, 1TS061 percent of the state's population was affected by the flood.

We wanted to help in a meaningful way and realized that we had the tools, quite literally, to do just that. A few phone calls connected us to William Daniel, the City of Baton Rouge's Chief Administrative Officer. He told us that our call couldn't have come at a better time as his team was just discussing the fact that the inspectional services division wanted to offer residents free home inspections. They had the inspectors but not the tools.

Immediately after the call, we shipped 250 TS06 Tool Smart Moisture Meters to the Parish of Baton Rouge to help facilitate the inspection process. We also created an instructional video to illustrate the proper use of the tool and the ease of documenting results. According to the city, their requests for home inspections has nearly doubled since the flooding and the 30 inspectors are now visiting between 500-600 homes/day until all the water damage is properly documented.

Equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, these moisture meter offer the ability to sync with both Apple and Android phones or tablets. Readings can be quickly saved to the user's smartphone and applied to images for quick reference, perfect for indicating the change in moisture over a period of time. It can also pinpoint trouble spots, so that the entire wall doesn't need to be destroyed if the area surrounding the damage is dry.

ToolSmart Moisture Meter - Instructional Video

Shortly after the donation was made, we were notified that our moisture meter won the Pro Tool Innovation Award 2016 in the category of Test and Measurement. Of the eight winners in this category, General Tools took home three awards in this category for the ToolSmartâ„¢ product line - the TS06 Moisture Meter, the TS04 Digital Multimeter and the TS05 Infrared Thermometer. General Tools was also awarded in the category of Hand Tools for the TS07 WiFi Flashlight Inspection Camera.

For more on Moisture Meters, see our previous blog that illustrates why these tools are critical to document the aftermath of flooding.

Read full press release: Yahoo News: General Tools Donates 250 TS06 ToolSmart Moisture Meters to Louisiana Flood Victims

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