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  • Attention all you Woodworkers and Makers out there! Want to stay current on the latest DIY woodworking projects? The best way to do it is to follow our latest compilation of top YouTube Woodworking Channels and don’t forget Woodworking Blogs! Woodworking Blogs are chock full of inspirational DIY Woodworking ideas. Additionally, by simply subscribing to Blog Newsletters, you can receive free woodworking plans for your next project! To assist yo Read more

  • Perfect Your Home’s Angles with the Gable Scribe Siding your home can be a big challenge no matter its shape, size, or the material that you use. Siding the angles, gables, and other unique areas of your home’s exterior can be even trickier, particularly when using extremely dense material, such as fiber cement. Materials like fiber cement are highly durable, long lasting, and extremely low maintenance. For some homeowners, though, these benef Read more

  • Hurricane Storm Ready Tips - Your Quick Hurricane Resource Guide from General Tools Important – In the event your area will be affected by an upcoming storm, this article will provide you with several quick links to hurricane resources. **Make sure to bookmark this hurricane resource guide for easy reference.** The peak of hurricane season is around the corner. As per, the 2018 Atlantic hurricane season begins on June 1st, peaks from Aug Read more

  • Whether you are going back to high school, taking an engineering, science or design class in college, signing up for a woodworking class, or a teacher getting ready for new students; you all have one thing in common – it’s time for back to school supplies! Yes, we already know we have to pick up our standard back to school supplies – ie. pens/pencils, highlighters, notebooks, folders, calculators, backpacks etc. But there are those specific s Read more

  • When the time comes to replace the siding on your home, it’s common for many homeowners to both want to do the job themselves and want to use a material that is going to outlast what they are replacing. For homeowners who are tired of wood siding that constantly needs to be repainted and replaced, aluminum siding that fades and dents, or vinyl siding that can crack and melt, a great alternative is fiber cement siding. Fiber cement house siding is Read more

  • Summer time is finally here! Time to relax in your backyard hammock, sip an ice-cold beverage and have a much awaited bbq. But before you kick back, spruce up your home with DIY summer projects!  Whether it’s creating a beautiful patio, repainting the family room, designing a new walkway or getting ready for a July 4th barbeque; the below DIY tools will help make your summer projects easy and your home the most attractive house on the block! One w Read more

  • On FATHER'S DAY, fill Dad's toolbox with the precise tool to get the job done! For the Dad who enjoys working with cool tools, making or fixing stuff around the house, General Tools has put together a Father's Day Gift Guide that will make it easy for you to buy the perfect tool for your handy Dad!  MAKE THIS FATHER'S DAY A DAY TO REMEMBER FOR DAD!  LASER TAPE MEASURE Give Dad a hand with the 2-in-1 Laser Tape Measure . It combines two accur Read more

  • Architectural panels for building exteriors are ideal for contemporary style and applications. Whether they’re installed as an accent or as the main field on the façade, panel installation have a way of really elevating the style and interest of a building. With building panel installations becoming more common, many builders are looking for ways to cut down on labor costs, while still installing the panels safely and properly. Architectural pan Read more

  • Virtually every type of siding has a learning curve before installation becomes second-nature, and fiber cement siding is no exception. Fiber cement is a unique product, composed of a blend of Portland cement, silica, and sand with embedded cellulose fibers. This special blend offers fire resistance, durability, and the beauty of wood siding without the upkeep and cost of real wood. However, its durability means it’s slightly heavier than other s Read more

  • OSHA Compliant Dust-Free Fiber Cement Cutting Shears by PacTool WHAT IS SILICA DUST AND OSHA RULE 29 CFR 1926.1153? • Silica (SiO2), intact, is perfectly safe and found in many building products, including fiber cement siding • However, when cut or drilled, silica turns to crystalline silica which can be breathed in • Crystalline silica exposure can cause silicosis, lung cancer, chronic pulmonary diseases, and kidney failure • To protect Read more

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