70213 Speed Drive Screwdriver Set , 18 bits, 2" extension

ITEM # 70213

70213 Speed Drive Screwdriver Set , 18 bits, 2" extension

Get the job done quickly and easily with this speed drive screwdriver set. The special design rotates the tip in one direction No matter which way you're turning the handle. Simply flip a switch to Change the rotation. With two types of screwdrivers and 18 bits, every job is within reach, even in tight spaces.


  • TWICE AS FAST: Patented speed-drive ratchet design gives 2 times the efficiency since it screws in one direction no matter which way the handle is turned
  • SWITCH DIRECTIONS FAST: Easy to use- change rotation of tip by flipping switch
  • TWO SCREWDRIVER SIZES: Set of two includes a full-size screwdriver and a precision-sized screwdriver
  • WITH 19 ACCESSORIES: Has 12 bits and a 2” extension for the full-size screwdriver, 6 bits for the precision/jewelers screwdriver
  • FITS ALMOST ANY SCREW: Three styles of bits are included in full size and precision slotted, Phillips and Torx bits
  • SELF-STORING HANDLE: Ergonomic handle with non-slip rubber grip with bits storage on the full-size screwdriver
  • Specifications



    1 standard-sized screwdriver with 12 bits and 2" extension, 1 precision-sized screwdriver with six bits


    1.2 x 1.2 x 8 inches