484 Swivel Head Deburring Tool Kit

ITEM # 484

484 Swivel Head Deburring Tool Kit

This deburring tool kit has color coded handles so you are able to easily determine which material each deburring tool is used for. The green handle used for aluminum and copper, red for brass and iron, blue for stainless steel and yellow for plastic.


  • DEBURR ROUGH EDGES - use tool to remove leftover burrs from pipes, tubing, metal, and plastic
  • COLOR CODED HANDLES - use GREEN for aluminum and copper, RED for brass & iron, BLUE for stainless steel, and YELLOW for plastic
  • HIGH-STRENGTH STEEL BLADES - for long-term, durable use
  • POCKET CLIP - for on-the-go jobs and uses
  • Specifications


    0.4 x 0.5 x 5.4 inches