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WS831DL - Wireless Data Logging Weather Station
WS831DL - Wireless Data Logging Weather Station
Item Id: WS831DL
Wireless data logging weather station

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Wireless transmission of outdoor temperature, humidity, quantity of rainfall, wind velocity and direction from the exterior sensors to the display station (433 MHz). Long-distance range up to (100 m) free field.
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  • WS831DL - Wireless Data Logging Weather Station
    WS831DL - Wireless Data Logging Weather Station
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    WS831DL - Wireless Data Logging Weather Station
    WS831DL - Wireless Data Logging Weather Station
    WS831DL - Wireless Data Logging Weather Station [ITEMPRICE] [ITEMPRICE]
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    Features & Benefits :

    Wirelessly transmits outdoor temperature,humidity, quantity of rainfall, wind velocity anddirection from the exterior sensors to the displaystation from up to 325 ft. (100m) away
    Expandable up to 5 outdoor temperature/humidity transmitters, for climate control ofremote rooms, e.g. childrens room, wine-cellar,greenhouse
    Indoor temperature and humidity withcomfort level indicator of indoor climate
    Weather forecast with symbols and trendof atmospheric pressure
    Absolute and relative atmosphericpressure with 24 hours history
    Bar graph indication of atmosphericpressure, temperature or humidity for thelast 24 hours
    Radio controlled clock with differentalarms and snooze functions
    Display of date and day of the week(6 languages)
    Time of rising and setting of sun and moon
    Indication of moon phase
    Wind chill factor and dew point
    Programmable alarms for temperature and stormconditions
    Maximum and minimum values
    Backlit LCD with light sensor(in continuous operation with power adapter)
    For wall mounting or table standing
    Data logging software (Weather View PC)and cable included
    CE and RoHS approved

    Specifications :
    Radio Frequency: 433 MHzTransmission Range: up to 328 ft. (100m)Barometric Pressure:Measuring Range: 14.75 to 32.44 inHg(500 to 1100Hpa); (374.5 to 823.8 mmHg)Resolution: 0.003 inHg(0.1 Hpa, 0.08 mmHg)Accuracy: 0.015 inHg (5 Hpa; 0.38 mmHg)Sampling interval: 20 minutesAltitude Compensation Range:-657 to 16404 ft. (-200 to 5000m)Temperature: (Main unit)Range: 14.2 to 140F (-9.9 to 60C)Resolution: 0.2F (0.1C)Accuracy: 2F (1C)Sampling Interval: 10 secondsTemperature: (Remote unit)Range: -40 to 176F (-40 to 80C)Resolution: 0.2F (0.1C)Accuracy: 2F (1C)Transmitting Interval: around 47 secondsHumidity: (Main unit)Range: 30 to 80%Resolution: 1%Accuracy: 5%Sampling Interval: 10 secondsHumidity: (Remote unit)Range: 30 to 80%Resolution: 1%Accuracy: 5%Sampling Interval: 10 secondsTransmitting Interval: around 47 secondsWind Direction:Range: 0 to 360Resolution: 22.5Accuracy: 11.25Starting Threshold: 3mph (4.8 kmph)Transmitting Interval: 33 secondsWind Speed:Range: 0 to 199.9mph (199.9 kmph,173.7 Knots, 89.3 m/s)Resolution: 0.1mph (0.16 kmph)Accuracy: (2mph + 5%)Starting Threshold: 3mph (4.8 kmph)Wind/Gust Speed Display Update Interval:33 secondsWind/Gust Sampling Interval: 11 secondsRainfall:1h/24h/Yesterday Range:0 to 78.73 in. (0 to 1999.9mm)Last Week/Last Month Range:0 to 787.3 in. (0 to 19999mm)Resolution: 0.03 in. (0.6578mm)Accuracy: 5% 0.03 in. (5% 0.6875mm)Transmitting Interval: 183 secondsPower Source:Total of 10 AA batteries (not included)MAIN UNIT:4 AA batteries or 7.5V AC/DC power adaptor(200mA; center pin positive)REMOTE THERMO-HYGROMETER:2 AA batteries eachREMOTE ANEMOMETER:2 AA batteriesREMOTE RAIN GAUGE:2 AA batteriesDimensions:Main Unit: 7.31 x 5.39 x 1.26 in.(185.8 x 136.9 x 32mm)Remote Thermo-Hygrometer:2.37 x 4 x 1 in. (60 x 101 x 25mm)Remote Anemometer:19.16 x 19.16 x 15.35 in.(486.6 x 486.6 x 390mm)Remote Rain Gauge:6.49 x 6.89 x 4.72 in.(165 x 175 x 119mm)Weight: (without batteries)Main Unit: 8.15 oz. (231g)Remote Thermo-Hygrometer: 2.29 oz. (65g)Remote Anemometer: 11.12 oz. (315g)Remote Rain Gauge: 10.24 oz. (290g)
    Includes :
    Main display unit
    Remote Thermo-Hygrometer
    Remote Anemometer
    Remote Rain Gauge
    Data Logging Software(Weather View PC)
    Users manual
    Package Specifications =
    H: 17.25'' W: 16.12'' D: 5.06'' Cube: 0.8149 Weight: 68oz \ Weight: 4.25lbs