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 9/21/2011  by 

(New York, NY) Typically, convenience and cost-effectiveness do not go hand-in-hand with workplace safety. A new product from General Tools & Instruments (General®), however, bridges that gap. With its ability to remotely monitor multiple voltage/current inputs at once, the unique and advanced Wireless True RMS Clamp Meter/Data Logging System (Model # CMR35) improves safety while increasing utility and reducing labor costs.


The basic Wireless True RMS (TRMS) Clamp Meter/Data Logging System consists of a clamp meter/transmitter and a data logging receiver. Data can be downloaded from the receiver to a computer via the included USB cable and Excel-formatted data logging software. The system wirelessly facilitates the automated, ongoing surveillance of equipment in hazardous and hard-to-reach areas at a maximum unobstructed distance of 333 ft. (100m) from the receivers position. Data logging functions allow for the collection of real-time and historical data, enabling measurements to be displayed on both the meter/transmitter and the receiver, stored on an SD card and viewed in Excel on a Windows computer. The system expands to support the transmission of data from up to five additional clamp meters (available as options) on different channels. The included software displays four windows on the computer: a main monitor (dashboard), separate tabular and graphic displays of up to six logs, and a running estimate of monitored equipments power cost.


The Wireless TRMS Clamp Meter/Data Logging System is designed for use by industrial maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) professionals. Primary applications include:

         Process Plants: Wirelessly monitor and log equipment (motor, fan and heater) power consumption, eliminating a routine maintenance task from operator rounds

         Power Plants and Electrical Transmission & Distribution Facilities: Monitor high-voltage equipment from a safe distance

         Commercial and Industrial Buildings: Monitor electrical circuits and circuit breakers without the need for a helper

         HVACR: Measure and monitor voltage, current and power consumption of compressors and blowers located in inhospitable locations (e.g., hot attics/crawl spaces; unheated areas)


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at NHS 2011, May 10 - 12 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The Wireless TRMS Clamp Meter/Data Logging System will be in stock and available for order.



Clamp Meter/Data Logging System / page 2


Used in standalone mode or with the receiver, the clamp meter/transmitter can measure AC or DC voltages up to 600 V, AC or DC currents up to 600 A, electrical resistances up to 40MΩ, and AC frequencies up to 100 kHz. It performs auto-ranging for all measurements. The clamp meter/transmitter also features Hi and Lo alarm set points for voltage or current, can test diodes and perform continuity checks, and is CAT III 600V rated. The Wireless TRMS Clamp Meter/Data Logging System comes in a protective hard carrying case along with a pair of probes, four AA batteries (two each for the transmitter and receiver) and a users manual.


About General Tools & Instruments

Headquartered in New York City for nearly 90 years, General Tools & Instruments is the market leader in precision specialty hand tools. Its recent product developments and corporate acquisitions have expanded Generals product line to include over 1,500 precision tools and hand-held instruments. This vast array of products is widely used by contractors, woodworkers, electricians, plumbers and professionals in industrial maintenance, HVACR, occupational health and safety, and home inspection as well as DIYers and hobbyists. To learn more about General Tools & Instruments and its products, visit or call Customer Support at 1-800-697-8665.



For additional product information and photographs, contact Vince Cavaseno, SpaceAge Media Communications, 617-232-2000, or Peter Harper, VP Strategic Marketing, General Tools & Instruments, 212-431-6100 x267,


Attn. Publishers: Please send all sales leads to Peter Harper, VP Strategic Marketing, General Tools & Instruments 80 White Street New York, NY 10013-3567 USA; Phone: 212-431-6100 x267; Fax: 212-431-6499; Email:















                                          Basic CMR35 system                                               Fully expanded CMR35 system



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