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UTEGEMTT2 - Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge With Hard Case (Special Order)

UTEGEMTT2 - Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge With Hard Case (Special Order)

Product Description
Ultrasonic thickness gauge with hard case (special order)

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Suitable for steel, aluminum, glass, etc.
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The basic principle of the ultrasonic wave in a thickness measurement is similar to that of an optical wave. The ultrasonic wave pulses are transmitted by the probe face and are coupled to the object to be measured using a viscous fluid called "couplant". These ultrasonic pulses propagate through the measured object and reflect back to the transducer when they encounter the back surface. The thickness of the object is determined by precisely measuring the time the ultrasonic wave travels in the object.


  • Display: Four digit LCD
  • Resolution: 0.01in/0.1mm & 0.001in/0.01mm
  • Working Frequency: 2.0MHz ~ 7.5MHz
  • Measuring Range: 0.028in - 8.0in (0.7 - 200.0mm) (Steel)
  • Lower Measuring Limit for Pipes: 0.8 x 0.08in (20.0 x 2mm) (Steel)
  • Measuring Error: (1%H+0.004in) or (1%H+0.1mm)
    • H = actual thinckness of the object to be measured
  • Adjusting range of sound velocity measurement of sound velocity with known thickness value: 0.039 - 0.3937in/s (1000-9999 m/s)
  • Measurement Range: 37-373 miles/min (1000-9999 m/s)
  • Accuracy:
    • Thickness < 0.8in(20mm): 0.004in/H x 100% (1mm/H x 100%)
    • Thickness > 0.8in(20mm): 5%
  • Operating Temperature: 32F - 104F (-10C - 40C)
  • Power Supply: 2 AAA Batteries
  • Power Consumption: 3 Volts at less than 20mA
  • Auto Power Off: 5 minutes
  • Dimensions: 4.3 x 2.4 x 0.9in
  • Weight: 4.7oz

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