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8141 - 15-in-1 Multi-Pro Tamperproof Screwdriver  8141 - 15-in-1 Multi-Pro Tamperproof Screwdriver
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VS120 - Video Scope W/non Interchangeable Probe,12mm Dia,2x Zoom-180 Rt
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CAT11 - General Tools FULL Catalog

NPi12 - 2012 New Products Brochure
Product Solutions and Market Overview

Solutions #1

Solutions #2

Solutions #3

Solutions #4

Application Articles

Article #21

Article #22


EZ2012 -

Tools - Brochures

MAG07 - Ultra Tech Magnifiers

PPC07 - PVC & Pipe Cutting Tools

EZ07 - EZ Woodworking Tools

LT11 - Lighted Tools

WWJ11 - Woodworking and Joining Tools Brochure Full Size

PTC10 - Plumbing and Heating Tools Brochure (Small)

Tools - Product Data Sheets

36/37-840 - AccuDrill

146/1433SS - Fraction+ Digital Fractional Calipers (Carbon Fiber)

147SS - Fraction+ Digital Fractional Calipers (Steel)

PPS-SS - Cordless Power Precision Screwdriver

505SSS - Cordless Precision Engraver

822/823SS - 5" and 10" Digital Angle Finder Rules

828SS - Sliding Digital

828/1702SS - Sliding Digital T-Bevel & Digital Precision Protractor

836SS - Angel-izer Template Tool

80557SS - Lighted Round Inspection Mirror

861SS - Dovetail Jig (the Dovetailer II)

870SS - Mortise & Tenon Jig

7902SS - Rescue+One

840SS - Pro-Doweling Kit

QUADSS- The QUAD Saw/Driver

95622SS - 22 Piece Tri-lobe Precision Knife Set
Instruments - Brochures

DCS12 - Digital Camera Scopes

HVAC12 - HVAC/R Instruments and Accessories

SD12 - SD Meters Family

EE11 - Electrical Instruments Family

iRT11 - Infrared thermometers Family

MM11 - Moisture Meter Family

SSSI10 - THE SEEKER Series Family of Instruments

SMiC10 - Sports Medicine Instruments Catalog (FULL SIZE)

EZ08 - Demo Board Displays

NPi12 - 2012 New Products Brochure
Instruments - Product Data Sheets
thermal Imaging Cameras
Camera Scopes
iPhone and iPhone Compatible Interface

GTi10/20/30SS - "PREDATOR" Series Thermal Imaging Camera

DCiS1SS - iBorescope (Compatible with iPad and iPhones)
High Performance Borescopes Specialty Probes for The High Performance Systems

DCS12 - Professional Video Inspection Systems
P16HPARTSS - VGA Resolution Articulating Probe

P16181HPSS - VGA Resolution Probe
Pipe and Duct Inspection Waterproof Scopes

DPS16SS - Pipe & Duct Video Borescope Inspection System

H16SS - DCS1600 Video Borescope Hand Held Recording Console
DCS660/660SS- SEASCOPE 660 Waterproof Video Inspection Recorder
Seeker Series Scopes

DCS400-PESS - The Seeker 400-pe ETL Certified Wireless Recording Video Inspection System

DCS350SS - The Seeker 350 Ruggedized Recording Video Inspection System

DCS280SS - The Seeker 280 Ruggedized Video Inspection System

SD Card Dtalogging Instruments
Air Speed Meters
Sound Level Meters

DAF4207SDSS - Data Logging Metal Fan Air Flow Meter W/ Excel Formatted SD Card

HWA4214SDSS - Data Logging Hot Wire Aneometer W/Excel Formatted SD Card

DLAF930SDSS - Data Logging Environment Meter W/Excel Formatted SD Card - Airflow, Temp, Humidity, Sound and Light

DSM4202SDSS - Data Logging Sound Meter W/Excel Formatted SD Card IEC1010 Class 2

DSM4203SDSS - Data Logging Sound Meter W/Excel Formatted SD Card IEC161672 Class 1
Light Meters Thermocouple Thermometers Pressure Meter

UV254SDSS - Data Logging UVA, UVC Light Meter W/Excel Formatted SD Card

DLM112SDSS - Data Logging Meter W/Excel Formatted SD Card

DT4947SDSS - Data Logging 4 Channel Digital Thermometer W/Excel Formatted SD Card

DT4208SDSS - Data Logging 12 Channel Digital Thermometer W/Excel Formatted SD Card

PM930SDSS - Data Logging Pressure Meter W/Excel Formatted SD Card
Humidity MeterVibration Meter

DTH3007SDSS - Data Logging Thermo-Hygrometer W/Excel Formatted SD Card

VM8205SDSS - Data Logging Vibration Meter W/Excel Formatted SD Card
Water Quality Meters

DPH230SDSS - Data Logging PH Meter W/Excel Formated SD Card

DCT430SDSS - Data Logging Conductivity Meter W/Excel Formatted Sd Card

DOM551SDSS - Data Logging Dissolved Oxygen Meter W/Excel Formatted Sd Card

WK2017SDSS - Data Logging pH, ORP, DO, CD, TDS, Salt Meter W/Excel Formatted Sd Card
Infrared Thermometers ** ALL IR Thermometers are also included in the IRT11 Brochure

IRT105SS - Pocket Infrared Thermometer

IRT206SS - Mid-Range Infrared Thermomter

IRT207SS - Thermo-Seeker Infrared Thermometer

IRT5000SS - 100:1 Ultra High Temp Infrared Thermometer (IRT) W/Dual Laser Target Tracking System

IRTC50SS - The Thermo Seeker Energy Audit Thermometer /Scanner with Start Burst Laser Targeting

Moisture, Temperature, Humidity Instruments

HT10/20/30SS - USB Temperature & Humidity Data Logger

MMD4ESS - The Seeker Digital Moisture Meter


MMD950SS - Spherical Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter W/4" Depth, Remote Pin Probe & Color Bar Graph Indication

MMD900SS - Dual Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter W/2" Depth & Color Bar Graph Indication

MMH800SS - 4 in 1 Pin/Pad Moisture Meter W/ Humidity & Temperature Display
Electrical Instruments








LDM60 - Laer Distance Meter - 200Ft. (60m) Range
Industrial & Safety Instruments

CIH20DLSS - Data logging Hot Wire Aneometer W/IRT & CFM/CMM and 8:1 ir Thermometer

CDG900SS - Combustable Gas Leak Detector

DCO1001SS - Digital Carbon Monoxide Detector w/Auto Zero

NGD268SS - Portable Gas Leak Detector

NGD8800SS -

PTH8707SS - The Humidity SEEKER Thermo-Hygrometer

RLD380LSS - Refrigerant Leak Detector

RLD382PSS - Refrigerant Leak Detector W/Pump

Product Catalogs by Section:

Hand Tools: Size:
Plumbing Tools (pp. 5-20) 1.1 MB
Woodworking Tools (pp. 21-40) 1.8 MB
Machinist, Measuring & Precision Tools (pp. 41-64) 1.7 MB
Screwdrivers (pp. 65-78) 2.3 MB
Specialty Tools (pp.79-115) 3.5 MB
Electronic Test Instruments: Size:
Agriculture 7.1 MB
Airflow 7.3 MB
Analog Thermal 5.9 MB
Digital Stem Thermal 6.0 MB
Indoor/Outdoor Thermal 6.1 MB
Industrial 7.5 MB
Infrared Thermometers 7.9 MB
K-Probes 5.8 MB
Moisture 8.7 MB
Professional Digital Thermometers 6.7 MB
Refractometers 6.9 MB
Safety 7.1 MB
Temperature & Humidity 7.6 MB
Time 7.3 MB
Water Analysis 8.8 MB
Water and Fluid 7.8 MB
Weather 7.9 MB

Reference Charts & Tables:

Name: Description: Size:
Conversion Factors Chart AISI/SAE Numbering System for Carbon,
Stainless & Alloy Steel
570 KB
Equivalents Table Inch/Metric Drill-Tap-Wire Equivalent Table 750 KB
Instrument Glossary List of common terms and definitions. 88 KB

Merchandising Systems:

Name: Size:
Planograms & Countertop Displays 838 KB

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Forms:

Name: Size:
MSDS Lithium Ion 206 KB
MSDS pH 4 96 KB
MSDS pH 7 96 KB
MSDS pH 14 54 KB
MSDS Refrigerant Leak Check 116 KB
MSDS Combustible Leak Check 116 KB
MSDS Conductivity S-1413 41 KB
MSDS OXEL-03 Probe Filling Electrolyte 18 KB
MSDS Red Spirit 1.1 MB
MSDS Thickness Gages 215 KB
MSDS Carbide Scribers 689 KB
MSDS Humidity Reference 84 KB
MSDS Alnico Magnets 46 KB
MSDS Nd-Fe-B Magnets 134 KB
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