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DAF80PW - 2 Piece Digital Plastic Vane Anemometer

DAF80PW - 2 Piece Digital Plastic Vane Anemometer

Item Id: DAF80PW
Product Description
Two-piece digital plastic vane anemometer

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Two-piece digital plastic vane anemometer
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  • Microprocessor circuit assures maximum possible accuracy, provides special functions and features
  • The portable anemometer provides fast, accurate readings, with digital readability and the convenience of a remote vane probe separately
  • Multi display units for air velocity measurement: m/s, km/h, ft/min, knots. mile/h
  • Dual temperature display unit: C and F
  • Low-friction ball vane wheels is accurate in both high & low velocity
  • Thermistor sensor for Temp. measurement, fast response time
  • Large LCD, show the air velocity and the temperature value at the same time
  • Records Maximum and Minimum reading with recall
  • Data hold
  • Auto shut off saves battery life
  • RS 232 PC serial interface
  • Operates from 006P DC 9V battery
  • Used the durable, long-lasting components, including a strong, light weight ABS-plastic housing case
  • Wide applications: use this anemometer to check air onditioning & heating systems, measure air velocities, wind speeds, temperature...etc


  • Operating Temperature: 0C to 50C (32F to 122F)
  • Operating Humidity: Max 80% RH
  • Air Velocity Range: 
    • 0.4-25.0 m/s
    • 1.4-90.0 km/h
    • 0.9-55.9 mph
    • 0.8-48.8 knots
    • 80-4930 ft/min
  • Air Velocity Resolution: 
    • 0.1 m/s (0.01 m/s, <10 m/s)
    • 0.1 km/h
    • 0.1 mph
    • 0.1 knots
    • 1.0 ft/min
  • Air Velocity Accuracy: 
    • 2%+0.2 m/s
    • 2%+0.8 km/h
    • 2%+0.4 mph
    • 2%+0.4 knots
    • 2%+40 ft/min
  • Temperature Measuring Range: 0C to 50C (32F to 122F)
  • Temperature Resolution: 0.1C (0.1F)
  • Temperature Accuracy: 0.8C (1.5F)
  • Display Size: 51mm x 32mm LCD display
  • Instrument size: 200mm x 68mm x 30mm (7.9in x 2.7in x 1.2in)
  • Vane Probe Head Size: Round, 72mm diameter
  • Weight: 220g (0.48lb)


  • Instruction Manual
  • Vane Probe
  • Carrying Case

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