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8142 - 15-in-1 Multi-Pro HVAC Screwdriver 8142 - 15-in-1 Multi-Pro HVAC Screwdriver
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TPKVSR - k Type Probe, 36" With 6" Velcro Strap
PT9 - Mirror, Magnet, Hook And Thread Protector Accessories For 9mm Diameter Probe
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523 - Adjustable Trammels
523 - Adjustable Trammels
Item Id: 523
Adjustable trammels

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Our Adjustable Trammels work great for marking over large distances, tracing contours and scribing circles. The 6" scribing points are adjustable, and can also be replaced with pencils, pens, crayons and soapstone for marking various surfaces. The heavy-duty clamps will fit 5/8" to 1-1/2" beams of any length.
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  • 523 - Adjustable Trammels
    523 - Adjustable Trammels
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    523 - Adjustable Trammels
    523 - Adjustable Trammels
    523 - Adjustable Trammels [ITEMPRICE] [ITEMPRICE]
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    Features & Benefits :

    General s adjustable trammels accuratelymeasure and mark distances that are too greatfor conventional compasses and dividers
    For layouts, marking templates, and drawinglarge circles
    6" (153mm) eccentric points provide fineadjustments
    Points can be replaced with pencils, ballpointspens, crayons, or soapstone sticks for markingvarious materials
    Clamps onto beam 5/8" to 1-1/2"(16 to 38mm) thick of any length

    Package Specifications =
    H: 7.25'' W: 2.12'' D: 1.75'' Cube: 0.0156 Weight: 6oz \ Weight: 0.37lbs